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My recent work edited down to three minutes.

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Change makers

Profile: Amanda Aiken This piece is part of a video series called Changemakers, a series featuring lives of Teachers College’s dynamic faculty, students, and alumni. Amanda Aiken is the Principal of Lawrence D. Crocker College Prep in New Orleans, Louisiana, …

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Seen in New York

Video series about NYC’s Learning landscape I worked with an awesome video team at Columbia University’s Teachers College on a series about the innovative and unique education programs in New York. You can view the interactive map here or watch …

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“What’s a Girl Doing Here”

Documentary about female taxi drivers in New York

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Change makers

Profile: Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz This piece is part of a video series called Changemakers, a series featuring lives of Teachers College’s dynamic faculty, students, and alumni. Working on this particular video, I had the pleasure of spending a lot of …

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Millions March NYC

New Yorkers Continue to Call for Justice

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A Career in Economics…it’s much more than you think. This brief educational video was developed for The American Economic Association, and features four individuals offering their insights on how a background in economics can be a tool for solving very …

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Fortress of Solitude

Short video about solitary confinement. I participated in a Re3 Story Hack, a hackathon that brought together changemakers from nonprofits with filmmakers, coders, and designers for a weekend to produce projects about social issues. My team’s issue was about the …

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Social Impact House

Documenting social entrepreneurs and their stories

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Commercial Work

Music videos, commercials, and promos. I work with a variety of clients to produce high quality footage for events and artistic projects. Here are a few examples. Promo: New York Fashion Week 2016 – René Furterer – Sies Marjan New …

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Fight, no Flight

This photo essay ventures to illuminate the spirit of bold women in marginalized Filipino communities. The narratives we present rise from three areas: the ignored urban shanty-towns of Baseco in Metro Manila, the indigenous mining communities of the Cordillera Mountain …

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Behind My Lens

Personal pieces reflecting my own experiences

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou

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"Solutions journalism is one lens through which to view an issue and, when used alongside other lenses, it makes for a fuller and more accurate picture.’ ” — @davidc7 witness.worldpressphoto.org/w…

About 3 weeks ago

Do know any incredible podcast or radio producers who want to lead a flagship show about the Asian American experience- share and/or apply! thisasianamericanlife.org

About a month ago

Super excited for tomorrow's panel discussion about decolonizing the photojournalism industry @photovillenyc ! twitter.com/reclaimphoto/s…

About 6 months ago

One of my favorite documentaries, @InTransitDoc will be screening in NYC for 1 week only starting today June 23-29. nyti.ms/2t2Gn1l

About 9 months ago

"If the kind of dialogues happening right now are an indication of a story’s success, then this story is a success." bit.ly/2qurEKk

About 10 months ago

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